Love that shade! Did you know? During times of heat stress, large trees create welcome shade islands, allowing grass, wildflowers and shrubs to bloom. Shade islands retain moisture for added cooling, where plants thrive under the canopy. Occasionally, you may find humans sprawled out under their favourite shade tree, complete with picnic goodies, kindles, and the family dog. It’s a wonderful way to spend a summer day.
Which trees make the best shade? We’re glad you asked. Fast growing, towering thick canopied trees block damaging UV and heat, but as a forest, any tall tree will do. Mature trees also breathe a considerable amount of oxygen back into the air, and create leafy sounds in the wind for destressing effects. Weeping willows, often found growing on the waterfront and along slow-moving rivers, grow quickly six to eight feet every year, and reach a mature height of 50 feet (15 metres). Their long flowing branchlets often reach ground level and they are a favourite for monarch butterflies and local nesting birds. Oak trees are popular in Southwest BC as found in many of our municipal parks. Their colossal size at maturity, black bark and low growing horizontal branches, make them one of the most visually appealing trees in BC. Hybrid poplars may not branch out sideways, but planted in appropriately spaced rows, they make stunning shade strips along roadways and property boundaries. Poplars are favoured for speedy vertical growth, up to 8 feet per year, and depending on the variety and growing zone, can reach an incredible mature height of 165 feet.
Large trees need pruning, especially after storms when branches break. You don’t want heavy debris coming down on your roof, so when we pre-assess your site for improvements, we’ll discuss solutions with you that could save those beautiful shade trees in your back yard, and your property as well.

Professional Tree Services in Southwest BC

quote and on-site consultation. We’ll assess the health of your trees and make recommendations for pruning, insect and disease control or deep root fertilization. We have a 60’ bucket truck to reach high branches and our utility arborists are trained to work around power lines. Municipal and commercial queries are welcome. We have full WCB coverage and over 40 years of experience in our industry. Our certified utility arborists maximize the safety of parks, roadways and commercial settings in Southwest BC. Request a quote by calling Kamloops 250-319-5586 / Kelowna 250-801-8405 or Vernon/Salmon Arm 250-241-1704.