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Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping offers several arborist services including brush chipping. We have over 40 years of experience working throughout southwest BC with an outstanding safety record. Do you need brush and debris removed and chipped? We can help.

Brush disposal and hauling can be a daunting task for landowners. Finding ways to haul it away, and the costs of dumping at a landsite, is expensive. We offer brush chipping services which are a cost effective and time saving option for home and business owners. Our trained crew will clear up and chip unwanted pruned branches, and brush that blocks the view, making it difficult to exit your property safely. Disposing of potential liabilities is important for any homeowner to have that peace of mind, knowing they are able to see pedestrians, bikers, or other traffic approaching.

Brush Chipping
Brush Chipping for Weed Control

Brush Chipping for Weed Control

You also have the option of keeping the wood chips to use for mulch to help control weeds, fertilize your plants naturally, retain soil moisture, and make your garden bed more attractive. They slowly decompose and increase your soil’s fertility over the long term. They can be mixed with grass clippings, kitchen compost, leaves, and other mulching material to increase the nutrient value of the mulch. A mixture of mulch spread around your plants and garden will also help to control the soil temperature, and improve the texture of your ground. Ask our experts for potential solutions to your brush problems, and save yourself valuable time, and money!

Projects start with our on-site consultation for safety planning and cost assessments and ends with our final cleanup, leaving your property ship-shape. Our service area is extensive, covering most of southwest BC and we’d love to chat with you about starting your brush chipping project.

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