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Tree Spraying Services in Kamloops

Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping has three locations for customer convenience – Kamloops BC. Along with our comprehensive list of tree care services, we offer tree spraying throughout these regions for general pest control and orchard maintenance. Healthy trees mean a healthy environment, and we only use environmentally safe spray when needed. Not all insects are harmful to trees, and in fact, many are beneficial, keeping nature in balance. If you see webbing in your hedge, you will want to call us to spray for spider infestation before bites occur.

Tree Spraying
Tree Spraying

The Codling Moth is one example of a destructive pest that needs aggressive management before your crop is damaged. Their larva enters the fruit, chewing its way to the core, destroying the entire fruit. Other noxious insects include the Western and Black Cherry Fruit Flies, the Gypsy Moth and the Apple Maggot, a pest of many fruits, but especially the apple. See our FRUIT TREES page for more information.

Depending on local and regional bylaws, there is often a legal responsibility to manage damaging pests and diseases, and dispose of affected trees and stumps. There are often economical and environmental solutions to tackle these problems, such as commercial and homemade soap sprays, and vinegar and water sprays for blight. While there is no direct treatment for diseases such as rot, mistletoe, or rust once they have attacked the tree, a good maintenance program is your best defense in preventing problems from occurring in the future.

Request a consultation for tree spraying and pest control. We have over 40 years of experience in the industry, helping tree owners keep urban forests healthy and dangerous insect free.

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