Fruit Trees of BC

Pine Valley Tree Service works across southern BC to enhance crop production and the health of our fruit trees. BC is home to many species of fruit trees, including apple, cherry and peach. BC’s valley and lake systems create the ideal conditions – both soil and climate – for planting and harvesting of over 15 thousand acres of produce. Our team at Pine Valley Tree Service is proud to be involved in the pruning, spraying, fertilization and consultation process of BC’s fruit crops. Whether you have a dedicated orchard or a back-yard apple tree, we can help you manage the health of your trees.

tree hedge planting

Fruit Tree Pruning

Call us for pruning services! We will send our pruning staff out to prune you trees for optimal growth and production. Proper pruning is vital for new fruit trees. During transplanting, many of the seedling’s feeder roots are disturbed or lost. Pruning the top of the tree takes the stress off the roots while it re-establishes itself. Cutting the tree back stimulates vigorous growth for the upcoming growing season. Pruning for shape balances the top portion with the root system and can prevent branch breakage through stabilization. It is important to prune your trees correctly, as improper pruning techniques not only cause disease, but can lead to future breakage and crop loss.

Fruit Tree Spraying

Preventing Problems Before They Begin

We can’t control the weather, but we can control the damage caused by insect infestation, mildew, blight, and virus-like diseases. Call us for a no-obligation consultation with our tree experts so we can discuss how to help you prevent crop loss by spraying. See our “Tree Spraying” page for more details.

Fruit Tree Spraying Schedule

  • Fruit Tree Spraying Schedule
  • February – Peach Leaf Curl
  • March – Spring Dormant Oil
  • April – First Leaf Roller Treatment
  • May – Second Leaf Roller Treatment
  • June – First and Second Coddling Moth and Cherry Fruit Fly Treatments
  • July – Third Coddling Moth Treatment
  • August – Final Coddling Moth Treatment
  • September – Coryneum Blight First and Second Treatments
  • Tree Fruit Harvest Schedule
  • Apricots – July 20 to August 10
  • Peaches – July 25 to September 1
  • Cherries – July 10 to August 10
  • Apples – August 15 to October 30
  • Pears and Plums – August 15 to September 10