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With more than 60,000 species of trees covering the earth, it’s easy to understand why they are a vital part of our ecosystem, producing oxygen and creating habitat for birds and other animals. Trees protect plants and shrubs from seasonal storms, wind, and erosion, and provide stunning landscapes for our parks, commercial space and urban communities.

We might not think of fertilizing trees and lawns as important, but we no longer leave fallen leaves and debris in the autumn to decompose into the soil surrounding the trees! Our beautifully manicured properties lack the opportunity for fertilization to happen naturally. Our team will use our truck and insert the fertilizer into the drip line of your trees, in hedges and shrubs. This will help you maintain strong healthy trees and reduce the risk of breakage in the trunks and upper crowns. It will strengthen the roots underground, and help to preserve your tree’s future.

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Root Fertilizing for Tree Growth & Vitality

Root Fertilizing for Tree Growth & Vitality

Responsible management means keeping trees healthy and protected from disease in a variety of ways including root fertilization. Trees require three main nutrients to be healthy – nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. Without the benefit of a soil test, you can usually assume the soil should carry enough phosphorous and potassium to sustain the tree, however, nitrogen is most likely the key ingredient your tree is lacking. Nitrogen can be easily spread onto the ground around the tree, and will be carried down into the roots with water.

Our team will apply deep root fertilizer for all trees and shrubs and hedges. This goes 12” into the ground and spreads into the root systems, with the high pressure pump motor on our new spray unit.

Ask our professionals about our new truck fertilizer service we offer to maintain the health of your trees!

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