Tree & Hedge Planting

Tree & Hedge Planting in Mission & Kamloops BC

Hire Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping for our planting services. We have been working as certified arborists and landscapers for over 40 years and are proud of our green communities. Hedges and giant shade trees are beautiful alternatives to traditional fencing or open roofed buildings and provide sound barriers in populated areas. Deciduous or conifer trees shade you and your property in the hot sun and act as natural wind and snow breaks.

Tree & Hedge Planting
Choosing a Hedge or Tree for Planting

Choosing a Hedge or Tree for Planting

When choosing a hedge or tree for your yard, you want to consider the growth aspect of the mature plant. Our certified arborists can help you determine the end results of spacing, and the seasonal direction of sun and shade as it falls through the canopy. You may want shade on your patio but sun on the garden. We are aware of local bylaws and if your municipality has placed restrictions on hedge height. How many plants you purchase, your soil quality and regional planting zone will determine your final design.

When choosing a shade tree, or a row of trees, we will advise you on root depth and proximity to water, sewer and gas lines as roots may potentially cause a safety problem. With the continual climb in water shortage and cost monitoring, you may want to consider the watering needs of your new trees and hedge. Are you able to sustain the plants with the resources you have? There are so many options to choose from in regards to height, shape, width, and purpose. Some yield beautiful seasonal flowers, while others stay green almost all year. In any case, planning is the key to a successful future outcome. Let us help you plan, and plant, your future!

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