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The staff of Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping have over four decades of experience keeping homes and communities safe from forest fires. Our fallers are certified to bring down trees and create safety zones around residential homes and municipal structures. We offer on-site consultations vital for understanding your specific landscape so we can remove trees, limbs, and shrubs to prevent damage by fire. We trim trees, bushes, and hedges away from your building and remove damaged trees that could be a potential fire hazard. Dead wood and lower branches should be removed to a height of at least 8 feet above the ground and 10 feet away from your chimney. Some tree varieties are highly flammable, including pine, spruce and fir. These species should be removed to a safety zone of 30 feet away from your building.

Fire Service
Steps homeowners can take to protect their property from wildfires

Steps homeowners can take to protect their property from wildfires

  • Mow dry grass, weeds and light brush.
  • Stack your firewood at least 30 feet away from your house.
  • Remove dry ground litter such as leaves and pine needles.
  • Plant fire resistant trees and shrubs.
  • Stay informed during wildfire season.

For heavier tasks that keep your home safe from fires, call the team at Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping.
Removing brush and trees for defensible space is important for the protection of your property. Check your insurance policy for details and call us for your free consultation. We give discounts to seniors and repeat customers, and own 60′ bucket lifts as part of our fleet, so we can trim or remove large trees that pose a danger to your home or business. Call us for a fire mitigation quote.

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