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Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping has grown into a family of reliable, expert professionals. Our services include hazardous tree removal, 24/7 emergency availability, tree pruning and shaping and utility arborist services designed to keep our power lines safe and intact.

We have over 40 years of experience and the certifications needed to serve our communities on a highly skilled professional level. We have developed a reputation for reliable service as we continue to work throughout southwest BC on the beautiful trees and shrubs that define our coastal and interior zones.

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In 1982, when Larry Kwak was 13 years old, he started working part-time for his dad’s tree service company in Abbotsford. He chipped branches, tree limbs and foliage that the climbers cut down. By 16, he was one of the climbers — working with his dad after school and developing what would be a life-long passion for trees. More than 40 years later, he is still climbing while he runs a large tree services business, Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping.

And just as he worked with his dad, his son Ryan is part of Larry’s business, acting as his dad’s second-in-command and the company’s head general foreman. The family participation in the business does not end there. Larry’s wife is his partner and helps run the company. His daughter works there too, along with an uncle and aunt who run the stump machines. “Yeah, it’s definitely a family business,” says Larry, who said he wants to retire, but not just yet.

The company started in Kamloops in 2008. Pine Valley Tree Services and Landscaping has become the premier tree services company in central BC – providing clients with dependable, reputable and honest service in addressing their tree care needs. The company has now expanded to Salmon Arm, Vernon and Kelowna.

Staffed by a “family” of reliable, expert professionals, Pine Valley’s services include removal of hazardous trees due to wildfires or disease, tree pruning and shaping, and utility arborist services designed to keep power lines safe and intact. They offer including 24/7 emergency services response.

In addition to residential services, the company also works with municipalities, school districts and other institutional clients, as well as commercial clients such as property management companies, B.C. Parks and TELUS. Larry Kwak says his 25-person staff is kept very busy serving between 5,000 and 6,000 clients a year.

Part of the service Pine Valley offers is also educational. Teaching the public about tree care is important, because proper preventative maintenance will not only extend the life of a tree but also save money in the long run if it helps avoid an expensive removal later.

Because of the importance of getting that information out to the public — especially in the dry climate of the BC Southern Interior, Pine Valley includes a series of blog posts on its website that talk about various aspects of tree maintenance and the importance of trees to the environment.

At this time of year, one maintenance tips Larry Kwak gives is the importance of not only giving trees plenty of water but also fertilizing them a few times a year to help maintain their health and growth. “A lot of people don’t water their trees enough and most don’t think about fertilizing them,” he says. When people water their lawns near trees, the grass tends to absorb most of the water. So, it’s important to provide enough water to help sustain the tree too. If it is a large tree or a number of trees, that can mean more water than one may think.

As certified arborists, Larry and his managers Ryan or Nathaniel can also advise about the health of trees – they are trained to identify tree species and know about their specific management needs.

With its expansion to Salmon Arm, Vernon and Kelowna, Pine Valley is bringing its expertise to the central Okanagan. Give Pine Valley Tree Services and Landscaping a call at the Kamloops office (778-362-3230) or toll-free at 1-888-778-3230) or send an email at The locations, hours of business, telephone numbers and other information for Kelowna (250-801-8405), Vernon (250-241-1704), and Salmon Arm (250-241-1704), are available on the website, in addition to reference materials on tree care.

10/10 Cedar Hedge Cleanup

Great experience from start to finish! Reliable and professional and did an amazing job. Highly recommend this company if you want great service from a company that knows what to do and gets it done.


10/10 Removal of several trees on our property

Professional crew, communication was good, work was done quickly and they did a good job of cleaning up the site afterwards.

Private user

10/10 Cedar hedge trimming

Ryan and the crew did an amazing job trimming our 15 feet tall cedar hedges. Very professional and they cleaned up all trimming Efficiently. Highly recommended.

Private user

10/10 Tree removal and clean up

The crew were professional, personable and a pleasure to have at my home. I will recommend them to anyone needing tree service work.

Private user

10/10 Removal of Pine Tree on front lawn

Very professional crew, arrived ahead of schedule, worked quickly and efficiently. Clean was great. Definitely a 10 out of 10.

Private user

10/10 2 maple trees front yard

Excellent work! On time! Worked right thru a 15 minute snow storm! Cleaned up very nicely

Private user

10/10 Tree pruning

Prompt response and quick to get the job done. No mess left and actually cleaned up some other material I had laying around. Guys were friendly High recommendation.

Private user

10/10 Great Work

Showed up in reasonable time and got the job done well. More than the night before notice of coming to finish with the stump grinding would’ve been appreciated but really not a big deal.

Private user

10/10 Tree Topping/Trimming

Very quick and timely service. Answered all my questions about having my trees cut and trimmed. Had the job done and cleaned up in no time. Highly recommended.

Private user

10/10 2 trees down

The crew did an awesome job. Very fast and professional. They cleaned everything up afterwards. Great group of guys.

Private user

10/10 Tree removal

We are very pleased with the job Pine Valley did for us. They promptly came back with a very reasonable quote. They finished job within a week of first contact. The crew were polite and professional. We would highly recommend them. Thank you Pine Valley!

Private user

10/10 Tree removal and pruning in Barnhartvale

Larry offered us a very competitive price to remove a large Spruce and prune three other trees and included a seniors discount without asking. As promised his crew arrived as scheduled and completed the work in a very professional manner. They reviewed the project with us before they started work. They did an excellent job of the expected work and had staff on hand to complete clean up of their activities. What an amazing difference Pine Valley Tree Service has made to our property
We would not… read more


11/10 Would recommend!

Efficient! Considerate of surrounding landscaping. Excellent cleanup! Cedar hedge looks amazing now.

Private user

10/10 30 foot and taller spruce tree pruning X 3 - 20 foot and taller maple pruning

We phone them.
They responded promptly.
They gave a timely quote.
They followed up right away once said 'go'
Did an amazing job

Private user

10/10 Tree removal

Very satisfied with the work to get a big tree down quickly. Excellent crew, excellent work.

Private user

10/10 Pruned my huge maple that hadn’t been touched in years. Fantastic job!

Great job, although watching Ryan in the bucket was awesome. The guys on the ground were most efficient.. no sign they had even Been there. I would certainly recommend the company!

Private user

10/10 Tree Services

Pine Valley Pruned large trees and removed stumps in the house we recently moved into. There service was good and cost effective.

Private user

6/10 Stump Removal

I needed to get 3 stumps removed from the front of my house left behind from overgrown cedars we removed the previous spring. Called these guys and was given a quot over the phone that I was happy with. They came and grinded the stumps right down. The service was great and did the job I wanted to get done. However, the trailer and grinder they used and drove up on my lawn left 2 ruts in my lawn that I need to fill with sand thought the summer. Pain in the you know what.

Private user

worksafe bc certified fallers

Fully Insured WCB Coverage

Safety Issues

Powerlines are dangerous and you should never try to remove overgrowth without the help of a professional. Our certified utility arborists work alongside municipalities and individual homeowners to keep branches and debris clear from power lines and remove dangerous debris after storms. As part of our fleet, we use 60 ft bucket truck lifts for a fast and safe alternative to climbing. For removal of tree limbs and tree falling, contact us to hire one of our certified fallers.

Certified Utility Arborists
Certified Arborists
Certified Fallers

Property aesthetics combined with our extensive knowledge of landscaping make our team the perfect choice for strata managers, individuals and contractors. We work with you from initial consultations to planting and the final cleanup for the vitality and health of your trees and shrubs. We are available 24/7 for storm cleanups and hazardous tree removal that keeps our communities safe.

Fruit Tree Pruning & Spraying

Pruning and spraying BC’s fruit trees to control insect infestations and mildew facilitates our abundant crops. Whether you need your backyard trees pruned, or need to develop an action plan for a new orchard, give us a call and we will connect you with one of our certified arborists.

Pine Valley Tree Service and Landscaping is proud to offer complete landscaping services to Kamloops and all surrounding areas within a two-hour driving radius, Vernon, Kelowna, Hope, Agassiz, Mission, and Aldergrove areas. Our tree service is prompt, reliable, and courteous and we are proud to work for our BC communities.

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Fully Insured WCB Coverage
Certified Utility Arborists, Arborists & Fallers
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