Winter is already upon us and with it comes the need for winter tree care services. If you live in the Thompson-Okanagan region of British Columbia, then Pine Valley Tree Services can help you keep your trees healthy this season. Let’s discuss why winter tree care is important and the services that we provide.

Why is Winter Tree Care Important?

Winter tree care is important because it helps to ensure that your trees stay healthy during the cold months of winter. Trees can be damaged by extreme temperatures, heavy snowfall, freezing rain and strong winds. Additionally, winter can cause damage to evergreen trees due to a lack of nutrients and water from the cold weather. By taking proper steps to protect your trees during the winter season, you can reduce the chances of damage from extreme weather conditions and diseases caused by nutrient deficiency.

Services Provided by Pine Valley Tree Services

At Pine Valley Tree Services, we offer a variety of services for your trees in order to ensure their health during the winter season. We provide pruning and trimming services to remove dead branches or limbs that could potentially cause harm during bad weather conditions and promote healthy growth in future seasons. Additionally, we offer fertilization treatments which will help replenish lost nutrients in evergreens and other trees that may have been affected by freezing temperatures or drought-like conditions. Lastly, we also offer deep root feeding treatments which will help nourish your trees’ roots so they are better equipped to survive the harsh winter weather.
Winter tree care is an important task for any homeowner living in Thompson-Okanagan region of BC who wants their trees to thrive through this chilly season. At Pine Valley Tree Services, we offer a variety of services designed to protect your trees from cold temperatures, heavy snowfall and other extreme weather conditions that can cause damage over time. If you want your trees to be healthy this winter season, call us today! We are here to serve all of your tree care needs!
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