Like all living things, trees have a natural lifespan. Pine trees, for example, live on an average of 50 to 450 years. Cottonwood trees, gorgeous and green against a backdrop of BC’s streams and rivers, have the potential to live 70 to 100 years. It’s disheartening to think of removing a mature tree towering in the back yard, but it may be time to remove it for safety reasons, and think about planting new seedlings in its place.

Signs Your Tree May Need Inspection

Rot inside a tree is largely invisible, but there are some signs to watch for to let you know your tree is in trouble. Structural components soften from the inside out, causing the wood to weaken, and may lead to the collapse of the tree. The most obvious sign branch die-back where you see branches lose their leaves, die back and break off. It could be in this case, that rot has entered the root system and is inhibiting the tree’s ability to take water up into the canopy where it’s needed to prevent dehydration. Do you see fungal growth, or mushrooms, at the base of the tree? This is a sign the roots may be in an advanced state of decay. Keep an eye on the leaves for subtle signs of tree distress. Are the leaves small, discoloured or falling too early? While drought and heat waves like the one we just experienced puts tremendous stress on coniferous trees, unusual leaf discoloration and dropping can be a sign of inner tree rot.

Do you notice?

  • Branch die-back
  • Unusual leaf growth and shedding (a process called abscission)
  • Mushrooms growing around the roots of the tree
  • Insect invasion or signs of wood boring insects
If you notice one or more of these signs, we invite you to contact us for an on-site tree inspection. Our first goal will be to save the tree with treatment options if possible. If your mature tree is beyond saving and is labeled hazardous, we will recommend removing the tree for safety.
Request an on-site visit by calling us at 1-888-778-3230 or filling out our online form.
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