Have you heard about zombie trees? No, these trees are not the ones that come to life and attack humans like in horror movies. Zombie trees are a real threat to the environment and can be a safety hazard. In this post, we’ll explain what zombie trees are, how to identify them, and why they are dangerous.
Zombie trees are the trees that seem to be alive but are actually dead. These trees lose their vitality when they are infected with a fungus called Armillaria. This fungus attacks the roots of the tree, and the tree starts to wither away slowly. The fungus spreads the tree’s decay to other healthy trees, creating a chain reaction called root rot. As the dead tree dries up, its leaves fall off, and the tree bark starts to peel, leaving behind the skeleton of what used to be a thriving tree.
Root rot caused by Armillaria can spread from one tree to another through roots, making multiple trees vulnerable to decay. The system of interconnected roots that makes up a forest can soak the water and nutrients and keep certain trees from dying, but when the roots are infected by Armillaria, the other trees may not receive the same nourishment, leading to their demise as well. This way, zombie trees can bring down entire forests.
zombie trees and spreading this disease to other trees
Zombie trees are not just dangerous because of the risk of spreading the disease, but also because they are hazards to people and property. Dead branches can fall off the tree easily, and the trunk can collapse without warning. The decayed tree can also become a conductor of electricity, increasing the risk of power outages or fires. Zombie trees are often difficult to remove, and if left untreated, they can cause severe damage.
Zombie trees are a menace, and it’s essential to identify them before they cause harm to the environment and human lives. If you have a tree that seems to be dying, don’t leave it unattended. Call a professional tree service to inspect the tree and determine its condition. Tree removal might be necessary to prevent the spread of the fungus and eliminate the risk of accidents. Remember, prevention is better than cure, and regular tree maintenance can help prevent zombie trees from taking over the forest.
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