Trees are a beautiful addition to any property, providing aesthetic value and many environmental benefits. However, as trees grow taller, they can also start causing problems, like blocking the view, obstructing power lines, or risking personal injury due to branch breakage. In such cases, tree removal may not be the only option. Topping or upper crown reduction is a solution that can address your tree height and safety issues while preserving the tree’s beauty and privacy. This blog post outlines what you need to know about tree topping services and the benefits of upper crown reduction.
Topping involves cutting a tree’s branches back to reduce its overall height. It is commonly used for broadleaf trees like oak, maple, and ash. However, you should not top conifers or needle-leaved trees as topping can ruin their shape and lead to sunscald or disease. Our certified fallers can guide you on whether topping is the right solution for your tree’s species and condition. Upper crown reduction, on the other hand, targets only the upper part of the tree, leaving the lower branches intact. This reduces the wind resistance and weight in the crown and encourages side branches’ growth, making the tree sturdier and less prone to damage.
Spiral thinning is another technique we use for upper crown reduction. This involves removing a portion of a branch’s length, usually in a spiral pattern, to allow more light and air to reach the tree’s interior. Thin branches are less likely to break under harsh weather conditions, and the increased airflow can reduce the risk of fungi growth or insect infestation. Spiral thinning can be used along with topping or as a standalone treatment.
safely and climbing trees with equipment
The benefits of tree topping and upper crown reduction are numerous. First and foremost, it can address safety issues caused by tall trees or overhang branches without removing the tree entirely. This is especially valuable for mature trees that provide shade, privacy, or sentimental value to your property. Additionally, tree topping can enhance your view or increase the light in your surroundings. It can also rejuvenate an old or neglected tree by promoting new growth and a more balanced shape. Finally, our tree topping services are safe and efficient, thanks to our state-of-the-art bucket trucks that can reach heights of up to 60 ft.
Don’t let your tall trees become a hazard or a nuisance. Pine Valley Tree Service can provide expert tree topping services to reduce their height or thin their upper crown, without sacrificing their beauty or integrity. We have 40 years of experience working with trees in our communities, ensuring that you get the best results and customer service. If you’re a repeat customer or a senior, you could also enjoy additional discounts. Contact us today for a consultation and let us help you solve your tree height and safety issues.
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