There are thousands of domestic bee colonies across the province, and interest is growing as we learn the importance of protecting them for crop production. Pollinators, largely domestic honeybees, are essential for the formation of fruit and the abundant crops produced in BC orchards. Urban forests provide natural habitat for a vast number of animal species, including bees. We all benefit from greater biodiversity and delicious food products. Bees and other natural pollinators are threatened by deforestation, the use of pesticides, and diseases and parasites affecting colony loss. Apiculturists monitoring colonies across BC note that Varroa mite infestations continue to threaten our honeybee colonies. There are more than 450 species of bees across the province, including bumble bees, honey bees, Halictid bees and mining bees. Other beneficial insects that pollinate trees, are wasps, butterflies and moths, flies, and beetles.

Fruit and Nut Trees Need Pollination

Apple trees blossom in April and May in a proliferation of fragrant blossoms. After pollination, apples are ready to pick in September to October, depending on the variety, adding to BC’s fall harvest crops. The nut trees we grow across the province also need pollination to produce crops. Along with maintaining a healthy eco system for our food producing trees and beneficial insects, trees need maintenance and care. Proper pruning and disease assessments are an essential part of crop and urban tree management. If you need assistance with trees or landscaping, call us for a consultation.
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