Some of the oldest and largest trees on earth grow in the Great Bear Rainforest, commonly Sitka spruce, Douglas fir and Western Red Cedar. These trees can grow 70 metres tall and live for hundreds of years. Their fragrant oil produced by steam distillation, is used for skin treatments and the wood is used to manufacture furniture, canoes and buildings. Even the fibre of the wood can be used for clothing and other useful material, making this tree valuable for cultural purposes as well. Rainforests are responsible for producing about one-third of the world’s oxygen.

After logging and development, only about 60 percent of the Pacific rainforest belt remains intact, leaving the Great Bear as one the largest left in the world. Extending from the Discovery Islands to the BC/Alaska border, the rainforest covers 6.4 million hectares. In 2016, the Great Bear was recognized by the provincial government with 85% protection of old growth forest and was admitted into the Queen’s Commonwealth Canopy, a global network of forest conservation initiatives.

Like all forests, trees are the centre point of life, sheltering an abundance of life under their canopy, adding richness to the soil and connecting marine and riparian zones. A diverse collection of wildlife makes the rainforest their home, including the rare Kermode (Spirit) bear, a subspecies of the black bear with a recessive gene that turns them white. All of this biodiversity adds to the natural beauty of the Great Bear Rainforest, making it a popular tourist destination. Take a guided hiking tour to adore the massive trees. Other outdoor activities include kayaking, bear watching and photography sessions. Or – just chill out in one of the many cabins available for rent, and listen to the sounds of the forest.

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While we wait for COVID travel restrictions to lift, we can visit local forested parks, and take care of the trees in our own backyards. All trees, especially those stressed from urban activity, need seasonal management. While on-site, we analyze your trees and make recommendations for pruning, spraying, crown reduction or other arborist and landscaping services you need.

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The trees on your property may not be in the Guinness World Records, but we know they’re famous to you. Regular tree pruning, soil testing and root fertilization are just part of our plan for keeping your trees healthy and we invite you to call us for a consultation.

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