Professional landscaping increases curb appeal, that lovely view from the sidewalk presented to the community. If you’re planning to sell or evaluate your property, this is an important aspect for boosting value and attracting prospective buyers. Whether you list your home or stay, investing in professional landscaping services is worth the time, effort and money spent to create a comfortable setting. Beyond the obvious beauty of xeriscapes and greenspace, the benefits are numerous. Xeriscaping is popular in heat zones, saving valuable potable water, and practically maintenance free, the perfect solution for busy families. When combined with terraced land and rock walls, they create private areas and secure soil along slopes. Land along the valley floor is more arable and suitable for growing high hedges and large mature shade trees. If you are sound sensitive, a thick hedge will block and absorb disquieting noise like traffic and industrial static, so you can enjoy a quieter environment at home.
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Heat Tolerant Shrubs and Trees

For sandy banks facing full sun, plant lavender, Rose of Sharon, and juniper. Some shrubs need drip irrigation for the first year to establish their root systems, depending on terrain specifics. Light watering during heat waves can save young plants, but dry spells cause roots to push deeper into the soil in search of moisture. This reaction makes your trees and shrubs hardier with more root mass that in turn, fights erosion. Pine trees are a good choice when planting for heat tolerance. Native species may be growing on your property, and it’s worth the effort to protect and nurture them. They’ve already acclimated to our weather zones and create shade islands that cool urban settings. Native species also attract wildlife like squirrels, birds and butterflies.

When planning for new or improved landscaping, contacting a professional is helpful, because the trees and shrubs you plant can last a lifetime. Your investment will provide years of enjoyment, from birdwatching to the relief of a shaded yard through the summer months.

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