Snowfall will continue in our higher elevations through the next two months, and that means that road conditions are still unpredictable. These roads are often busy with traffic traveling to local ski resorts and snowmobile access points. Snow left on roads can ice up and pack under the weight of traffic, making conditions unsafe. Our fleet removes loose and compact snow and slush on travel lanes. We keep shoulders and sidewalks clear on commercial property to accommodate pedestrian use and plow parking lots so your staff and customers have a safe place to park.
Plowing unpaved gravel and dirt roads prevents erosion and potholes caused by snowmelt. Snow plowing is part of routine maintenance that keeps side roads and long driveways stable by controlling runoff and drainage and protecting surface gravel. Do you need your driveway plowed? Our residential plowing services are easy to book and economical. Save your back and hire us to plow your driveway. We offer fast reliable snow removal service from December through April. Our service area includes Kamloops, Vernon, Salmon Arm, Kelowna and West Kelowna.

Call us for snow plowing and snow removal services in the Thompson-Okanagan. Municipal and commercial queries are welcome. We have full WCB coverage and over 40 years of experience in our industry. Our experienced drivers maximize the safety of private driveways, roads and commercial settings.

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