Tree boring insects can seriously damage trees by tunneling into the inner wood to feed. They leave behind telltale signs of infestation, including holes in the bark of the tree, sawdust or sap and branch dieback. Eventually, these insects can kill a tree and spread to neighbouring healthy trees.
Most of us in BC are aware of the Mountain Pine Beetle, that has damaged a large percentage of both wild and urban forests and trees. On pine trees, look for small sap formations, and red dust around holes on the bark. They are tiny beetles, only 3 to 7 millimeters in length. After infestation, foliage turns yellow then reddish brown as the trees die off. Keeping your trees healthy with a long-term management plan will strengthen their defense against insect attacks.
Wood boring insects attack a wide range of species and can seek out trees that are already stressed by disease, drought or a pruning injury (another good reason to hire a professional arborist for pruning services). Healthy trees may also become infested, so it’s important to monitor the backyard trees in your control. If you suspect a problem, your arborist can help with diagnosis and treatment.

Longhorned Beetles

These wood boring beetles attack hardwood trees and at times, our only method of control is to destroy infested trees. Regulations are now in effect that limit the movement of wood shipments from China as a measure to control two invasive species, the Asian Longhorned Beetle and the Citrus Longhorned Beetle. These invasive species are similar in appearance, having white banded antennae and black bodies with white spots. Two local species that harm trees here in BC are the Banded Alder Beetle, and White Spotted Sawyer Beetle. The larvae feed on the inner bark and adults cause significant damage by feeding on leaves, bark and shoots. If you find discoloured leaves, sawdust at the base of the tree or on branches and round holes bored throughout the tree’s trunk, contact us as soon as possible so we can treat this pest problem and mitigate the beetle’s spread.

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