As the weather begins to cool and days grow shorter, it’s important to begin preparations to ensure your trees are ready for winter. At our tree and landscaping company, we offer a variety of fall services to help you get your trees ready for the cold months ahead.

A Good Time To Prune

One of the most important tasks is pruning dead, diseased or unsafe branches. This will help keep your tree healthy and prevent damage to property or people in the event of a severe storm. It’s also a good opportunity to remove any branches that are rubbing against each other or crossing over each other, as this can cause damage to the bark.
For large trees, we can cable or brace weak tree limbs. This helps to prevent damage from heavy snow and ice, as well as from high winds. Cabling involves attaching cables to two points on a tree limb, and then attaching them to a support. This support can be another tree, a fence post, or a column. Bracing, on the other hand, involves attaching a metal or wooden brace to the tree trunk at a point where a limb is weak. This helps to provide additional support for the limb and prevents it from breaking during winter weather. Both cabling and bracing can help to protect your trees from serious damage during the winter months.

Our seasonal tree and landscape services include:

  • Removing dead, diseased or unsafe branches
  • Cabling or bracing weak limbs to prepare for severe weather
  • Inspecting trees and shrubs for insect and disease damage
  • Inspecting trees for potential safety hazards and removing hazardous trees
From tree inspections to trimming and tree-topping, we can help your trees stay healthy and thrive through the winter season. Contact us today to learn more about our seasonal tree care and landscaping services.

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