The Pine Valley Tree Service & Landscaping team has a lot to offer when you’re ready to clean up your property for the market, or to enjoy the beauty of nature. Cleaning up a field by removing stumps and brush opens the land for cultivation and gardening, or raising livestock. Land is a valuable commodity, and when it’s cared for, there are multiple possibilities for its use. Cleaning up a lot or acreage of old dry wood and dead trees can also help prevent the spread of forest fires.
If you’re planning on burning your brush, check your municipal regulations first, as there are many restrictions in place for disposing of backyard brush and old wood this way. Burning also releases smoke into the air, and is not be the healthiest choice for getting rid of unwanted brush. Using a woodchipper is safe and an environmentally friendly way of removing brush once it has been cleared. We perform chipping services throughout the year, and the chips can be kept and recycled as mulch.
After hazardous trees are removed, the stump will slowly decay and gradually become a home for destructive pests. You can expand your lawn area by sodding over an area where the stump used to be, and grinding it will sever the roots to allow shallow excavation or construction. Stump grinding also prevents deciduous trees from sending up suckers, which can be time consuming to cut back and manage.
Call us for property cleanup services. Our service area includes a two-hour driving radius around Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon and Salmon Arm. We offer an extensive list of arborist services throughout these regions and extend discounts to seniors and repeat customers. As a family-owned business, we care about the communities we serve throughout BC. Municipal and commercial queries are welcome. We have full WCB coverage and over 40 years of experience as tree specialists.