Trees are a beautiful addition to any home’s landscape, providing cool shade and the aesthetically pleasing quality of nature in your own backyard. However, as trees age and begin to deteriorate, they can become a dangerous liability to your property. When a tree falls, it has the potential to cause devastating damage to your home, endangering your family, and costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. This is why it is essential to remove old trees before they become a threat.
Risk of Falling – It is easy to forget that trees are dynamic and ever-changing. Dehydration, diseases, and insect infestations can cause a tree to rot from the inside out, making it vulnerable to collapse. Additionally, overgrown trees or those with a weak root system are also prone to coming down with seasonal storms. To avoid a tree falling on your house, inspect the trees on your property regularly. Look for signs of decay or weakened roots. Furthermore, if the tree is leaning towards your home, it may be time to remove it.
Property Damage – One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to remove trees is threats to their property damage. Falling trees can cause irreparable damage to your house, resulting in time-consuming repairs and potentially lower property value. Severe weather conditions that occur seasonally in the Okanagan valley increase the chances of trees falling on your house.
Liability – As a homeowner, if your tree falls and causes damage to your neighbor’s property or injures a passerby, you may be held liable. Besides the financial implications, the guilt and shame of causing harm to someone else may take a toll on you. By removing old, unhealthy, or damaged trees from your property, you can avoid claims and lawsuits against you and ensure the surrounding community’s safety.
Property Enhancement – Trees play an essential role in boosting the curb appeal of your property. However, not all trees are created equal. As trees age, they can become an eyesore, making your property look outdated and unkempt. By removing old trees, you can create an appealing outdoor living space with a shade structure or new, healthier trees that complement your home’s design.
trees cut and fallen beside a house
Environmental Benefits – Your tree may have sentimental value, but it’s good to know the environmental benefits of removing it. Old or diseased trees are no longer contributing to oxygen generation, carbon monoxide reduction, or air filtration. By removing, you can introduce new trees that support beneficial ecological processes such as erosion control, carbon capture, and wildlife habitats.
Like all living things, trees have a lifespan. However, as much as trees are a valuable addition to any property, they can pose significant risks. We recommend removing old trees to avoid potential risks, property damage, and liabilities. At the same time, its removal is an opportunity to add something beautiful to your yard and have a healthier environment. With Pine Valley Tree Service & Landscaping, removing trees around your property has never been easier. We are always ready to handle any tree removal needs and leave your yard looking more beautiful and secure than ever before. We are committed to ensuring the safety and protection of your property. Call us today for a site assessment.
Our certified utility arborists maximize the beauty and safety of urban settings, parks, roadways and commercial grounds.
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