We’ve watched the trees in our back yards and parks turn gorgeous colours, but now it’s time to prepare for winter. Here’s some tips on how to winterize your trees and keep them safe until next spring. Seedlings, with their thin bark and small limbs are vulnerable to rapid changes in temperature, especially when accompanied by wind. If you’re worried about snow load on small trees, temporary shelters and bracing work well. Frost heaves can push shallow young roots to the surface, exposing them to the elements, so add mulch as a protective layer. You don’t have to buy expensive bark mulches, because pine needles and straw are effective, and readily available. Remove the mulch at the first sign of spring thaw to prevent mould or rot damage. Tape the trunk of your new seedling with tree guard to protect from seasonal damage or animals like deer and mice, who chew on the rich cadmium layer under the bark.

autumn tree

Call us for a customized quote and on-site consultation. We’ll assess the health of your trees and make recommendations for pruning, insect and disease control or prepare your trees for winter. We have a 60’ bucket truck to reach high branches and our utility arborists are trained to work around power lines. Municipal and commercial queries are welcome. We have full WCB coverage and over 40 years of experience in our industry. Our certified utility arborists maximize the safety of parks, roadways and commercial settings.