Landscape Designs for Bird Habitat

Providing natural food sources for birds starts with good planning and landscape design. Being aware of the height of mature trees and shrubs is important when considering light factors and where shade will fall across the lawn. Plant flowering shrubs that produce berries around your back deck, or in front of the great room window where you can watch the birds in comfort. Native planting is most appropriate as a food source to support local birds and migrators as the seasons change. Migrating flocks will learn the best food sources along their route and return in greater numbers year after year, as they need energy and a safe haven en route where they can rest and rejuvenate.

What to Plant For Bird Habitat

Trees and shrubs provide both food and shelter for local and migratory birds. There are plenty of edible wild berries in BC, suitable for bird food that can be purchased from local nurseries in the spring. Try planting Oregon grape, snowberry, winterberry, currents, cranberries or gooseberries. These shrubs are hardy and can produce berries that stay available through the winter as natural bird food. Depending on where you live in Southwest BC, you will no doubt attract chickadees, jays and waxwings.
Unfortunately, some of our migratory birds are now endangered or species at risk. Your local birdwatching club will be able to give you more information on birds specific to your zone. Planting a thick hedgerow will create shelter from winter chills and wind, and juniper also creates a food source as they produce berries that are too bitter for us to eat, but make great bird food.
As urban development continues, we need to be aware of preserving and planting trees and shrubs for wildlife habitat, including resident and migratory birds. As we work together to plant and preserve trees, we will continue to enjoy many benefits including birdwatching, shade and shelter, aesthetics and cleaner air.
Now is the time to start planning your new yard to get ready for spring planting and preparing natural habitats for wildlife. Services offered by our team include landscape design, tree, shrub and hedge planting, hedge shaping and pruning, lot development for new home builds, hazardous tree and stump removal and chipping.
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