If visions of hunting down and harvesting the healthiest young tree in the forest doesn’t fill you with glee, we have a solution for you. Decorating outdoor trees is the new trend in Christmas culture, and while tradition dictates, they should be spruce or pine, any tree will do. Safe outdoor LED lighting is readily available in any colour under the rainbow and looks stunning under a fresh drift of snow. Your presents will be safe inside the house while you and your family enjoy the view of your outdoor Christmas tree lit up under the winter sky, and our guess is any passers-by will tip their hat to the beauty of your tree as well.
Pine and fir trees give off a pleasant aroma called pinene or limonene. They are known as terpenes and are used in perfumes and medicine. Naturopathic essential oils using pinene are said to reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. Pinene as found in pine trees is also found in the herb rosemary and the resin frankincense, also connected with the Christmas tradition of gift giving. The medicinal benefits of tree terpenes are one more reason to maintain and protect our wild and urban forests.
Christmas trees arrived in the west as a tradition in the 19th century popularized by Prince Albert and Queen Victoria. Their trees were decorated with gifts and candies, popcorn strings and lit candles. Of course, safer options are available today in the form of solar and LED lighting, and by the 1950’s, the mass production of artificial trees made from aluminum and PVC plastic became popular.
Whether your Christmas tree is indoor, outdoor, pine, fir or other, we hope you enjoy your holiday and the beautiful trees that make this tradition possible.
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