Planting nut trees like the popular chestnut, hazel nut, or hard-shelled varieties – butternuts, heartnuts and buartnuts provide healthy food a few steps away from your door. They provide a leafy canopy through the summer months to shade you from the sun and act as wind blocks from winter storms.
Chestnut trees are adaptable to many of the soil types we find in our region, and need full sun to thrive. They grow up to 25 meters and are hardy to zone 4. After harvesting, chestnuts are easily stored in your fridge in a breathable container. Hazel nut trees in the province have been threatened with filbert blight, but disease resistant varieties are now available on the market. There’s a growing demand for hazelnuts grown locally in BC, so if you’re interested in planting a cash crop, this may be a good choice. Butternuts, heartnuts and buartnuts, or hard-shelled nut trees, are disease resistant and productive in zones 3 and 4. They need well drained soil and a lot of sun. They grow to 30 meters at maturity and flower in May with harvest season in mid-September to early October.
Growing trees for the food they provide makes sense economically, but planting trees also reduces pollutants that alter climate patterns. Trees beautify urban landscapes and create healthy living spaces for everyone to enjoy.
If you are unsure about the condition of the trees on your property, give us a ring for a customized quote and on-site consultation. We’ll assess the health of your trees and make recommendations for pruning, insect and disease control or deep root fertilization. We have a 60’ bucket truck to reach high branches and our utility arborists are trained to work around power lines.
Municipal and commercial queries are welcome. We have full WCB coverage and over 40 years of experience in our industry. Our certified utility arborists maximize the safety of parks, roadways and commercial settings.
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