Endangered trees are protected by law under federal and provincial legislation. Some endangered species at risk are found on private land in BC. If you think you have an endangered tree on your property, contact our certified arborist to determine the species or see your municipal site (or contact your municipal office) for a list of protected trees in your area.

Arbutus Trees

The arbutus is a flowering broadleaf tree that grows up to 30 metres tall. Notably, the bark is reddish brown and peels in thin papery flakes to expose new chartreuse to light brown colours underneath. Their growing zone is along the south coast, close to the ocean and they often grow in rocky and rapidly draining soil. As a flowering tree, they have a strong sweet scent attractive to bees and berry eating birds. They are an important part of the ecology, as their strong roots hold soil intact from natural weathering and runoff. It’s important to avoid disturbing their root systems, pruning and irrigating them. Arbutus trees are protected in the city of Victoria and Saanich. They cannot be removed without special permits, which may be provided to remove dangerous trees. When this situation occurs, the permit requires planting two seedlings as compensation.

Whitebark Pine Trees

The whitebark pine is a subalpine species identified by its wide spreading crown and twisted branches when exposed to continuous strong winds. Quite similar to the limber pine, its cones are closed until they decay on the ground when the large seeds are released. Birds will break open the cones and bury the seeds where they can germinate and sprout.
The whitebark pine was designated an endangered species in Western Canada in 2012, under threat because of habitat loss, climate change and the mountain pine beetle infestation. This coniferous species is also susceptible to white pine blister rust. Historically, this fungus was introduced on imported pine European seedlings imported to New York in 1906 then spread to Vancouver. Seedlings are most often killed by this pathogen, but older more resilient trees can be managed and pruned to reduce fungal migration. Pine rust can infect several species of pine tree, including the sugar pine, limber pine and southwestern white pine. Restoration efforts are now under way to protect and restore this endangered tree species.
If you suspect any tree pathology including pine rust, we recommend calling us for an on-site inspection and treatment program. Our team of trained arborists will recommend the best course of action to keep your trees healthy, including pruning and maintenance.
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