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How to dispose of a Christmas tree in the most environmentally friendly fashion is on the minds of many British Columbians. You may want to check the RCBC (Recycling Council of British Columbia) for information on how to recycle your Christmas tree eco-consciously. Disposing of a natural tree is easier than recycling artificial trees. On average, artificial Christmas trees are kept for 6 to 10 years and unlike real trees, do not break down biologically in the environment. Try to keep your artificial tree for as long as possible, but eventually, besides eternally storing it in the attic, you may want to dispose of it. Please don’t burn it. Burning artificial trees made of toxic PVC, can push carcinogens into the air we breathe. Contacting your local landfill office for disposal suggestions is a good idea.

Municipal Christmas Tree Disposal Services

Check your municipal website for Christmas tree disposal and recycling programs. Drop off sites will be listed, along with details specific to your community. Some municipalities offer free drop-offs to regional landfills for a specified period of time and end date.

Donations for Local Game Farms and Zoos

No doubt you have seen the YouTube videos of tigers rolling in Christmas tree donations. Hilarious. For big cats, Christmas trees give off a scent not unlike catnip. Other animals nibble on the (almost) fresh greens and bark, including goats, porcupines and other animals in local wildlife refuges, but they’re not just used as food. Cut tree installations aid the rehabilitation of rescued animals, creating natural enclosures as they adapt and destress from trauma. If this is your plan, make sure your tree has not been treated with chemicals and is free of tinsel and other artificial decorations. Give local wildlife refuges a call and ask if they need your old tree.

Make Mulch or Firewood

If you have (or can rent or borrow) a chipper, your used Christmas tree makes the perfect mulch. Mulch is a great way to keep your trees protected through winter. Coniferous needles enhance soil Ph for healthy trees and shrubs. If you have an outdoor firepit, cutting the tree into small usable segments and storing them where they can stay dry will give you a nice supply next spring when you light the fire to roast marshmallows.
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