Hazardous Trees Should Be Removed

Did you know one of the biggest culprits for roof damage is falling debris from trees? It may seem like the trees around your house are healthy, but some disease can hide inside trees making them weak and prone to falling. Given the windstorms and snow loads about to arrive in Southwest BC, it’s wise to make an assessment of your yard and determine if trees in close proximity could do damage if they fell.

Planting Trees for Safety

Of course, dangerous trees can fall safely in the forest where their bio material recycles back into the soil and creates habitat for insects, fungi and nitrogen fixing bacteria. Decomposing trees also provide seed beds for regenerating trees and shelter for small mammals. In fact, removing woody debris from a natural setting can interrupt energy and nutrient cycles, causing a decline in productivity and forest diversity. That being said, falling trees are not advantageous in urban settings for obvious safety reasons. When planting trees, keep in mind appropriate spacing for mature growth and visualize where they could eventually fall in proximity to your house, power lines, vehicles, and other structures. Seedlings look small when they first arrive from the nursery, but given the right conditions, they can quickly grow to dominate the landscape. If site preparation and building is in your plans, we invite you to contact us for our landscaping consultation, clearing and planting services.

Call Us for Tree Removals

If you are unsure about the condition of the trees on your property, give us a ring for a customised quote and on-site assessment. Removing dangerous trees is a safety concern first and foremost, but secondly, can save you thousands on vehicle or property repairs. We’ll assess the health of your trees and make recommendations based on safety values.
After your assessment, it may be determined that your trees are healthy, but need branches removed, especially if they are growing over your roof or power lines. We have a 60’ bucket truck to reach high branches and our utility arborists are trained to work around power lines. Remember our 24-hour emergency services. We understand that winter storms and the damage they cause to trees are not planned. Our team continues to respond as quickly as possible to emergencies within our communities throughout the year, whatever season.
Municipal and commercial queries are welcome. We have full WCB coverage and over 40 years of experience in our industry. Our certified utility arborists are ready to work for you, maximizing the safety of parks, roadways and commercial settings.