October is a critical month for trees. Any leaves that have fallen need to be raked up and put into the compost. If they are left, they can encourage fungal growth, other diseases and insects. October is also a good time to get deciduous hedges and those big trees pruned before winter. This will help them to stay healthy and looking their best. trees need extra care in the fall to ensure they are ready for the winter months. With a little TLC, they will be sure to thrive.
  • Rake fallen leaves
  • Prune hedges and trees
  • Remove overgrowth and yard debris before it snows

Tree Pruning

Trees play an important role in the landscape, providing protection from harsh winter winds, privacy from neighbours, and beauty. However, trees may also need to be pruned for various reasons. For example, diseased or storm-damaged branches should be removed in order to prevent the spread of disease or further damage. In addition, the crown of the tree may need to be thinned in order to permit new growth or improve air circulation. Alternatively, a tree may need to be pruned in order to reduce its height or remove lower branches that are obstructing sidewalks or driveways. Finally, trees may also be pruned for design purposes, such as creating a symmetrical shape or balancing the proportions of the landscape. Whatever the reason, proper tree pruning can help to ensure the health and vigor of trees.

Yard Cleanup

Our debris and wood removal services are popular this time of year as we start to clean up our yards to get ready for winter. We cut, remove, chip, or dispose of nuisance brush, trees, fallen trees and logs, and shrubs. We remove the debris from your property, or chip the wood so you can reuse the material as mulch for plants and gardens. See our Brush Chipping page for more information.
We serve Kamloops and all surrounding areas within a two-hour driving radius, Vernon, Kelowna, Hope, Agassiz, Mission, and Aldergrove areas.